Adopting a Kildare Pug

All our puppies are registered with the CKC. They are current with vaccinations are micro chipped (Kingston) or tattooed (Lowbanks)and come with a health guarantee.

We have a responsibility for placing our Pugs in suitable homes and maintain a lifelong committment to the health and welfare of our progeny.

Purebred, quality, registered (CKC) and guaranteed Pug puppies are not cheap. Puppies sold as pets come from the same litters as our show dogs.

What we expect:

We expect to be kept appraised of the dogs health and supplied with pictures, from time to time - we care very deeply about our dogs and want to know they are being well treated and cared for. We expect to be notified should your lifestyle change and if, for whatever reason, that you can no longer look after the dog.

What you should expect:

To get what you pay for: a quality, happy and healthy Pug puppy that will provide you and your family many years of love and companionship. A breeder that will take the time to answer all your questions and one that is here to help when needed. A breeder that loves to see their dogs return for visits and be updated on them, if not in person, then with pictures.

An interview* at our house with us asking many, many, questions about you and your lifestyle - we simply want the best for our dogs. We want to meet all family members also. We like to talk to the children about how to hold a puppy etc., this also allows us to ensure that there are no allergic reactions to the dogs.

A puppy that wants to be loved and looked after in a safe, secure home, in short, to become a member of your family.

*No pups will leave during the initial interview. The initial interview lets you meet us and us you. We will not let a puppy go unless we are completely certain about it's future. During this meeting, you will be able to see the dogs/puppies, interact with them, meet the dam etc. but again, NO pup will leave. This gives you the time to reflect as people get caught up with seeing cute, friendly, full of life puppies and we've found it best if you go home and think about it without any pressure. 

Bill of Sale:

All our dogs come with a bill of sale.

Health Guarantee:

All our dogs come with a two-year hereditary health guarantee. You will be afforded up to 72 hours on receipt of a puppy to have a health check completed by a vet of your choosing - this is to ensure you have a healthy pup at the outset. They will have been checked by our vet prior to leaving.

We will also guarantee a lifetime of unconditional love.

Non-breeding Agreements:

All our dogs are sold on CKC Non-Breeding Agreements.  Most vets will advise that it's in the dogs best interest (health) to have your Pug spayed or neutered and we completely endorse this. We will not sign over the puppies CKC papers until proof of spay/neuter has been provided.


All our puppies will come with an officially registered CKC name; Kildare or Kildare's will be the first word in the name - our kennel name (or prefix). This registered name is the official name that the dog is known to the CKC by, not the pet name. You will receive a certificate of registration, upon confirmation of spaying/neutering, from the CKC which, among other details with list the dogs official name, date of birth etc., which you'll probably never ever use or see again. The pet name (or called name) is whatever you decide on.


As we must meet each other our pups are not shipped. If distance is an issue we would attempt to work something out with you, after the initial interview. Putting a 10 week old puppy into a crate and handing it to a baggage handler who then sends it to a location/unknown person is NOT what we breed Pugs for.

Puppy mills/ Back Yard Breeders/Pet Stores:

Puppy mills do exist - we all wish they didn't but they do. Dogs are literally bred to death with no regard for the health of the dog or pups. When this is no longer possible the dogs are then of no more value and are disposed of. The unsanitary conditions that the dogs are forced to live in are deplorable.

Back Yard Breeders also exist and don't see the harm in what they are doing. A lot of times people think that because they have a registered (or what they think is a purebred) dog that it might be fun, or a quick way to make a few dollars, and will breed their dog. Well intentioned as this may be, a lot more goes into breeding Pugs than putting two dogs together and having a litter of pups.

Pet Stores purchase whole litters of pugs and place them in a shop window. Generally these pups come from a Back Yard Breeder (or a puppy mill) as this is the easiest and quickest way to get "rid" of the pups rather than to actually face the public and be held accountable for the dogs they have produced. They generally do NOT come with CKC registration papers even though they may be sold as "purebred".

If you fit into any of the above categories please don't waste our time.

Breeders don't always get it right either, however, an ethical breeder stands behind their dogs. They will take the time and expend the extra effort, whatever that may be, to make it right, The dogs health and welfare always taking precedence.