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Welcome to Kildare Registered Pugs.

We are a small kennel. Kildare Kennels has been involved with showing and breeding Pugs for many years. We selectively breed only a few litters per year, striving for happy, healthy puppies.

On 01 Dec 11, We opened an all breed dog boarding kennel. If you are looking to board your dog in Sydenham, please click on the boarding tab.

Kildare Kennel was founded by my mother, Margaret Allan, in the early 1980's. It all started with Newfoundland's, my mother saw one and fell in love with the breed. Shortly after seeing a Newf at a Santa Claus parade 3 Newf puppies were running around the house. Showing and subsequently breeding the dogs was a natural progression. From Newfs she branched into Boston Terriers, Corgi's and finally to Pugs. There were a few other "odds and ends" along the way, an Afghan Hound rescue (Libby) and a Glen of Imaal terrier (Trent). Dogs of all sizes and varieties have always been welcome and loved.

We occasionally have older, retired pugs available to adopt.

We are located in Sydenham (close to Kingston) Ontario.

Over the years Kildare has produced numerous Cdn and US champions as well as provided quality Pug puppies to countless families.

Members of the Canadian Kennel Club.

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